Coronation Street: Peter Barlow’s controversial comeback plot revealed!

Prepare for explosive scenes with Simon and Ken

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Ever since his return to Weatherfield was announced over the summer, we’ve been counting down the days to Peter Barlow’s comeback.

And now we can reveal the leather-clad Lothario will step back onto the cobbles on Monday, October 17.

Guess what? It’s not a happy home-coming either. The alcoholic turns up with a nasty gash on his head, which he refuses to explain.

He’s already in hot water with dad, Ken, as he failed to return for son Simon’s big football event.

Peter has nowhere to rest his bloodied and booze-addled head and begs Ken to stay – just as the widower is about to embark on a trip to Europe.

His dad reluctantly agrees – news that is likely to be a real blow to the bowels of love rival Nick Tilsley, currently with Peter’s ex, Leanne (pregnant with another man’s baby)!

Corrie boss Kate Oates announced back in July that Peter would be back, alongside half-brother Daniel and nephew Adam.

“One of the things I am most excited about and something I consider a real privilege is that I am lucky enough to work on the longest-running soap,” she said.

“One of the longest-running families on that soap is the Barlows and why would you not want to strengthen that family?

“I love the idea of Ken as the head of the family which has Tracy, Simon and Amy. I am excited to bring Peter back to the show.

“I am delighted to meet Daniel Osborne, who is his child with Denise and I am excited to bring back Adam, who is Mike Baldwin’s son and Ken’s grandson.

“I think that strong family dynasty – the first family on the soap, as it were – here, big, strong and sending ripples through the street, is really exciting and I am really looking forward to seeing that.”

What will Peter’s return mean for the ladies of Weatherfield?

Kate recently teased: “Peter is rarely single and he may have someone in his sights when he returns and he may not be completely honest.

Then something happens when he arrives that’s unexpected and which means that he has to stay.”

We. Can’t. WAIT!