Coronation Street: Nathan turns VIOLENT as Bethany abuse escalates

He burns the troubled teenager with a cigarette

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As if the sexual and psychological abuse of Bethany isn’t already bad enough, it’s set to turn violent.

Paparazzi pictures published online depict upcoming scenes in which evil Nathan apparently stubs a cigarette into the arm of the traumatised teenager.

The distressing images show the 16-year-old crying out in pain as her so-called boyfriend attacks her.

A soap insider told The Sun: “Nathan soon makes it clear that he will hurt her physically if she tries to stop him.”

Nathan turns violent to keep control over Bethany (Credit: ITV)

In tonight’s visit to Coronation Street, viewers saw Bethany reeling from the worst night of her life.

Humiliated by Neil’s attack itself, and confused that her boyfriend doesn’t care, the poor girl didn’t know which way was up.

Dazed, she headed back to Coronation Street. It was obvious that she wanted to talk to her mum, but she couldn’t bring herself to.

Then she saw Mary, who is becoming something of a confidante.

The wise old(ish) bird sensed immediately that something was troubling the teenager.

Mary sensed Bethany was troubled (Credit: ITV)

Actually, it wasn’t that hard – she was visibly upset.

Just as it seemed like Bethany would unburden herself of her appalling ordeal, Nathan appeared and pulled her away – and managed to turn on the charm.

He manipulated his muddled “girlfriend” even more, accusing her of betraying him and acting immaturely.

Later in the week, Nathan proposes to Bethany – after telling the smitten girl that it turns him on to see her with other men.

Nathan asks Bethany to marry him (Credit: ITV)

Bethany’s head is turned but no sooner is the teenager dreaming about her happy ever after, than more trouble comes to her door.


Neil, the man who’s raped her, comes to the salon. But he’s not alone; he’s turned up with another friend, Ian.

Bethany knows what’s coming (Credit: ITV)

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Neil wants another party – and he wants Ian to come along too.

Bethany immediately realises what they’re planning but, scared, afraid and all alone, she doesn’t know what to do.

As Nathan sets about putting plans in motion for the party, will she tell him how she feels? And how will he react if she doesn’t do exactly what he wants her to?