Coronation Street: Michelle devastated after Steve reveals DEVASTATING baby news

Will this turn their lives upside down?

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Michelle and Steve’s pregnancy is gathering momentum and it is time for the first baby scan.

There’s a problem that is playing on Steve’s mind though, as they get a first glimpse of their baby.

The first scan can be an emotional time but Steve is distraught as he decides that it is time to share his shocking news.

The co-landlord of the Rovers’ Return in Weatherfield has had a call from his jailbird father, Jim McDonald.

Jim tells Steve that he has got Myotonic Dystrophy, which is genetic and leads to progressive muscle weakening and wasting.

This means that there is a risk to Steve’s offspring, with Michelle and with Leanne, who he had a one night stand with, getting her pregnant in the process.

Michelle is naturally devastated with the news.

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How will Leanne react and will this blow her and Steve’s secret wide open?

Elsewhere in Corrie, there seems to be love in the air.

Bethany has noticed that her mum Sarah, is looking rather chipper.

Sarah confirms that there is someone ‘special’ but doesn’t give any further clues. Of course, when Bethany shares this info with Gary, he is rather pleased that he might be the one catching Sarah’s eye.

A shocking discovery suddenly changes Sarah’s mood though and it is not long before she is on the warpath again.

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Audrey is another who is raging. Gail has persuaded all concerned that David should return to work to take his mind away from revengeful thoughts.

That worked for a couple of minutes before he takes off while in the middle of a customer’s hair do, much to Audrey’s annoyance.

Where will David’s grief take him next as he seeks to avenge Kylie’s death?

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