Coronation Street: Maria to seduce another resident after dumping Aidan?

She'll be running out of men soon

This isn’t going to do much for Maria’s reputation as the Weatherfield bike. But there are rumours the hairdresser will turn her attentions to David Platt after dumping love rat Aidan.

Matching the two most unhinged people on the Street – who both work with scissors every day. What could possibly go wrong?

It looked as though there was a growing bond when Maria was first released from prison this year – indeed they kidded on for a while to Gail and Audrey that they were an item.

But at the time David was really falling for Shona and Maria was rekindling things with Aidan, despite him still being with Eva.

Maria’s finally had enough of love rat Aidan (Credit: ITV)

However, Maria is reportedly set to dump Aidan’s sorry ass when she discovers that Eva is pregnant.

Samia Longchambon, who plays Maria, is well up for the coupling, telling The Sun Online: “I think Maria and David should get it on together. I keep saying that to Jack [P. Shepherd].

And Jack’s also up for the the idea.

Samia continued: “He’s agreeing which is a good sign. He’s not opposed to it. Jack rarely gets excited about stuff. I’m half way there, he’ll be up for it. I love working with Jack as well.”

The two hair stylists have plenty in common (Credit: ITV)

As the mum of two points out, the two characters have plenty in common: “They’ve both had their wife/ husband murdered, they’ve both got kids, they’ve both worked in the salon all these years and kind of grown up together and know each other inside out.”

It’s all about to kick off in the Maria/Eva/Aidan love triangle when Eva returns full of the joys of summer after her trip to France to visit mum, Stella Price.

As she skips back into Weatherfield, ready for a happy reunion with her man, she’s bursting to tell him she thinks she might be PREGNANT.

But then she makes the devastating discovery about his affair.

Aidan has Maria in the flat he shares with Eva (Credit: ITV)

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Corrie haven’t revealed how Eva finds – or whether she catches them in the act… but the fallout will be seismic.

As the factory worker reels from his infidelity, she doesn’t confront him straight away, instead she turns to her sister Leanne for support.

There’s an almighty shock coming for Eva (Credit: ITV)

Leanne encourages her to take a pregnancy test to be sure about whether or not she’s expecting before making any rash decisions about Aidan.

Although Leanne looks at it first, and reveals it’s negative, when Eva checks it herself, she sees it’s positive. Does this mean she’s going to forgive Aidan and make a fresh start?

Not likely!

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Speaking to Digital Spy about discovering her pregnancy, actress Catherine Tyldesley revealed:

“This makes things ten times worse. If she’d found out she was pregnant a week previous, it would have been all she’d ever wanted.

“That was her goal – to meet a Prince Charming, settle down and have a family, but now she’s discovered this, it’s even more heartbreaking. She can’t even begin to get her head around the fact she’s pregnant.”

Will she keep the baby? And just how far will Eva go to make Maria and Aidan pay for hurting her?