Coronation Street: Love rat Peter Barlow to cheat on Toyah ALREADY?

He’s lured in by a glamorous newcomer…

Once a love rat, always a love rat it seems and Coronation Street’s Peter Barlow appears to be back to his old ways.

It is never a smooth ride being with Peter in the ITV soap and his games are beginning again.

After returning to Weatherfield, it was soon revealed that Peter (Chris Gascoigne) was in a relationship with another returnee to the street.

Leanne’s ex-husband was dating her sister Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor), that was back on the scene after 13 years away.

While Peter likes to keep secrets, he’s not too keen when he’s the one out of the loop.

So when he finds out that Toyah has been having secret IVF treatment, he was not best pleased.

It also led him to wonder what other skeletons she had in the closet.

Peter copes with this news the only way he can, by storming off.

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While on a taxi run though, he is asked by his customer whether he would like a drink in a hotel with her.

Never one to turn down a beautiful lady, Peter duly obliges.

The question is, will Peter stop at a drink and a chat or will he be tempted by some illicit bedroom action?

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Meanwhile, there’s the small matter of Eva and her disgust at Peter and Toyah dating.

She is promising to spill the beans to Leanne unless Peter stops suing her boyfriend Aidan Connor over the factory business, Underworld.

What is for certain, there is never a dull moment when Peter Barlow is in Weatherfield.