Coronation Street: Leanne to blow sister Toyah’s baby secret?

She knows better than anyone lying about kids is not clever

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What is it with the Battersby girls and baby secrets? First Leanne attempted to hide the identity of her baby daddy from Nick.

Now Toyah is keeping her partner Peter in the dark about her procreation plans.

As viewers know – because she can’t stop bleating on about it – the younger sister is desperate to have a child.

She and Peter have, of course, been planning IVF treatment.

And, despite his track record at parenting, Peter has seemed genuinely up for the idea of bringing another person with his DNA into the world.

However, he’s having second thoughts now his life has suddenly got a hell of a lot messier (again).

Accused by stalker Chloe of assault and one of the prime suspects for the attack on Ken, Peter realises he could be looking at a stretch in the clink.

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So it’s pretty understandable – nay, downright sensible – when he asks Toyah to hold off the baby-making plans.

She promises to call the fertility clinic and explain why they want to call a halt to proceedings for now.

Except, the sneaky barmaid doesn’t make that call.

In scenes airing later next week, Toyah confesses to Leanne that she went against Peter’s wishes and has had the embryos implanted, as previously intended.

Oh, Toyah. This whole scenario is not going to end well, whatever the outcome – we’ll tell thee that for nothing!

Will Leanne keep her sister’s secret, knowing from first-hand experience the heartache such deceit causes?

While her loyalty lies with her sister, it’s obvious the new mum still has a big soft spot for Peter.

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If her sister does fall pregnant, she will need Peter’s support and blessing – even if he is behind bars.

So, will she decide it’s better to spare him any big surprises and her sister a broken heart by revealing what Toyah has done?

We hope so, this kind of betrayal is no way to make a baby!