Coronation Street: Latest shock storyline TOO DARK for soap’s usual pre-watershed slot?

The storyline is going to get very nasty indeed

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There are some very dark twists and turns coming for Coronation Street fans.

It might seem that the ITV soap is already treading a darker path with David Platt plotting revenge on Kylie’s killer and bad boy Phelan looking to fleece Eileen and others with his fraudulent scheme.

That’s just the starter though, compared to the main course of horror that Caz Hammond is set to unleash as she attempts to get with Maria Connor,

Unhinged seems to be the best word to describe the behaviour of homeless Caz towards everyone’s favourite hairdresser.

Caz is not going to let go of Maria without a fight (ITV)

Rhea Bailey, who plays the disgraced soldier, has promised that it will be one of the darkest stories to ever appear on the soap.

She has even questioned whether the nature of what happens could be shown before the watershed.

Maria, played by Samia Ghadie, has become a point of fixation for Caz.

Her feelings for Maria have continued at a pace, despite the knock back after their ‘kiss’ and Maria telling her in no uncertain terms that she was straight.

This has just meant that Caz has had to go down increasingly more extreme routes to ensure that she gets her girl.

Maria’s brother Kirk is smelling a rat but it seems that he won’t be able to stand in the way when Caz decides that the time has come to make her decisive move.

KIrk orders Caz to leave (ITV)

Speaking to Radio Times, Rhea said: “However bad you think it’s going to get, just times it by ten.

“I’ve even asked, ‘Are we allowed to do this because you do know this show is on before the watershed, right?’ It’s definitely going to get quite dark.”

She continued: “We all know Caz is completely unhinged. And I’m completely with the audience.

“I’m screaming at the TV telling Maria to run to safety.

“It’s all very nail-biting and you should be worried about what Caz is capable of.”

Be afraid, be very afraid, seems to be the message as Caz is going to make life very uncomfortable for both Maria and the viewers at home.

Rhea did have one reveal that she could share.

After viewers took to social media to accuse the former squaddie of murdering Maria’s dog Ozzy.

Rhea said: “Everyone thought Caz poisoned the dog and it really wasn’t her.

“Honestly, the dog had cancer – it was nothing to do with Caz.”

It looks like that Maria will need to be looking over her shoulder in the coming weeks, while we watch from behind a cushion.