Coronation Street fans slam soap for ‘SICK’ miscarriage storyline

Sinead lied to cover her termination

Coronation Street fans were outraged as Sinead Tinker LIED to her boyfriend Daniel Osbourne about having a miscarriage.

Last night viewers watched as the factory worker decided to go through with a termination, but kept the truth from her partner and lied to him that she had miscarried.

After being shocked to discover she was pregnant so soon after they had started dating, the couple had decided to keep the baby and make a go of things.

But when his dad Ken Barlow laid into Sinead (Katie McGlynn) and told her how she would be running Daniel’s life and his chance to study in Oxford, she decided to go through with an abortion.

Ken (Bill Roache) had told Sinead how he regretted his ordinary, wasted life in Weatherfield with wife Deirdre.

But after speaking to Daniel he realised how much his son loved Sinead and tried to track her down to tell her about his change of heart.

But it was all too late, as Sinead confided in her Auntie Beth that she had terminated the baby. But unable or unwilling to tell her partner the truth, instead she lied.

In emotional scenes, Daniel (Rob Mallard) asked her: “I don’t understand, what do you mean the baby’s gone? What happened?”

“It was a miscarriage,” Sinead told him. “I had a miscarriage and I lost our baby. Our baby’s gone.”

But viewers weren’t happy with her lies. Possibly because it is only just following the storyline of Michelle and Steve McDonald losing their baby boy in late pregnancy.

Fans took to Twitter to criticise the plot, branding it “insensitive” and saying: “Don’t agree with #Corrie storyline with Sinead at all”.

Another added “Miscarriage is not something to lie about. It’s heartbreaking and devastating.”

A further person wrote: “Saying it was a miscarriage is just sick.”

One thing’s for sure – the truth never stays hidden on the Street for long. How will Daniel react when it all comes out?