Coronation Street fans rejoice at brilliant twist in Bethany plot

Congratulations Craig, you just won our prize for current most awesome Corrie character. Oh wait. Eva. Let us think about this...

While the Bethany Platt grooming storyline has been all kinds of traumatic to watch, it’s meant that the character of Craig has been given a new lease of life from his former incarnation of ‘teen boy, eating chips, hanging round with his mum’.

Now Craig is basically an investigative reporter slash policeman slash uber-friend to Bethany. Craig, it’s no exaggeration to say, is a legend.

And on Friday night, fans were loving him even more as he pulled it out of the bag in a big way for Bethany’s hopes of getting her rapists convicted.

Craig’s been a brilliant mate to Bethany for months and we’re putting it out there, we could live with a romance further down the line (Credit: ITV)

With Bethany worried that a lack of evidence will mean her rapists – including policeman Neil – won’t be convicted, Craig trapped his work ‘mentor’ into a confession – a brilliant twist to the plot that none of us saw coming.

Meanwhile fans were taking to social media to share their joy/ love for Craig/ wish that he could exist as a real life human and be their friend. One said ‘I think the whole nation is behind Craig right now’ and another summed up what we were all thinking with the words ‘I WANT A CRAIG.’

Alone in a car with Neil, Craig told him that he needs a new mentor because he couldn’t work with him any more after what Bethany has told him that he did to her.

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After denying that he’d ever touched Bethany, Neil eventually snapped and made an accidental confession, not realising that he was being recorded.

“You listen to me,” he said (we are, Neil, on the recording, 2017 tech has got you). “If you don’t keep your big mouth shut about this, I will do a lot more to your little girlfriend Bethany than I did last time.”

Craig led him into the trap further because Craig, as discussed = awesome.

“I knew it,” he said. “I knew you were lying. How could you do that? How could you hurt her like that?”

Evil Neil has pretended to be a good guy, even getting Bethany’s mum Sarah onside and visiting her at home (Credit: ITV)

Neil strolled right into it saying: “I didn’t hurt her, she loved it. Everyone got what they paid for, didn’t they?

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“Forget about Nathan and all them other little slappers. This isn’t a game, I swear if any of this comes out I will ruin you. You understand?”

But Craig legged it straight round to Bethany’s and played her the recording.

Bethany was introduced to Neil by her ‘fiance’ Nathan, as part of his plan to groom her (Credit: ITV)

If this was us, we’d probably get 10 seconds into our dastardly mission to uncover the truth then find out our bloody storage was full. Craig: we bow down to your sensible approach to storage settings.