Coronation Street fans in disbelief over Maria’s prison sentence

Tearful goodbye for young son Liam

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Tis not the season to be jolly if you live in Weatherfield this year – not least for Maria Connor.

The single mum has been terrified she’d be sent down for her illegal marriage to Pablo.

And her worst fears were confirmed as a female judge delivered her verdict.

It looked for a second as though Maria would get away without a custodial sentence, as the judge praised her erstwhile spotless character.

But then she delivered the shock blow – a 12-month sentence. Soap fans couldn’t believe it…

Dreadful news for the Weatherfield hairdresser, but probably good news for Eva – for now, at least.

Aidan must’ve been breathing a sigh of relief, too. He was moments from ending things with Eva, before he backed out.

Just as well – it would’ve been a cold, lonely Christmas for him without either of his women.

Corrie fans saved all their sympathy for Maria and her young son, Liam.

Preparing to be separated from him for a while, Maria handed him a snow globe and told the little lad to shake it every time he felt sad and to think of her.

As he shook the globe, Maria sat alone in her cell watching the snowflakes fall from her bars…