Coronation Street fans go wild for Rita’s boozy behaviour

Everyone's favourite new drinking buddy goals!

In a week when the news has been tragic and the weather’s been clammy, we all needed one thing and one thing only from our Friday night telly: to see Rita from Corrie get absolutely hammered and eat a kebab.

And much to everyone’s utter delight, that’s what we got.

@KatieLouize on Twitter said: ‘Rita drunk has made my week 😂😂😂 peed myself laughing #Corrie @itvcorrie’

@AbyRexyMott added ‘Drunk Rita is the best thing I’ve seen this year 😂 #Corrie it has to happen more often!’

Rita tucks into her kebab (Credit: ITV)

While there may have been some quite heavy stuff going on elsewhere in the episodes – hi, Daniel – Rita was helping Jenny drown her sorrows after she was dumped by boyfriend Johnny earlier this week.

And like any good Friday night down your local, the evening ended with the two of them in the kebab shop, making a grab for the chilli sauce.

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Rita – wearing Gemma’s kebab shop uniform hat, obviously – got a bit confused because, er, she’d never heard of an animal called a donner.

Rita was helping Jenny drown her sorrows (Credit: ITV)

Rita, you’re 85 and you used to be a singer – you’re telling us you’ve never had a big night out that’s ended up in a dubious fast food joint? Come on now.

The night ended with Jenny, Rita and new kebab shop buddy Gemma heading up to Johnny’s flat, after Jenny took a phone call from him asking her to get back with him.

She turned him down and Gemma then serenaded them all with a bit of Beyonce because it was a Gemma-sings-Beyonce kind of night.

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Now, we’re adding Rita to the list of Corrie women we’d like to get drunk with including but not limited to: Liz McDonald, Eileen, Carla Connor and Eva.

And next time? Karaoke, surely, Rita.

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