Coronation Street fans fall in love with Summer as she gives her grandparents what for

She's one awesome little girl

Corrie viewers had their hearts melted last night by little Summer Spellman when she stood up to her nasty grandmother Geraldine.

The altercation resulted in Summer deciding to live with Billy Mayhew and Todd Grimshaw after her gran’s homophobic comments and horrid talk of Summer’s father left the girl feeling she didn’t belong there.

Billy and Todd had originally visited the Spellmans at home to talk about access to Summer, but Geraldine was having none of it. She told them in no uncertain terms she wasn’t willing to discuss things with them, they wouldn’t be seeing the little girl and they needed to leave.

Billy and Todd were determined to fight for Summer (Credit: ITV)

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“Summer is not fine,” Todd butt in, not prepared to take the old woman’s orders lying down. “She is feeling miserable and isolated and all the bible groups in the world aren’t going to change that.”

As the adults thrashed it out, talking about respect and God, and whether or not to go along with Drew’s wishes that Summer lived with Billy, The tween they were all talking about was listening at the door.

What a brilliant girl! (Credit: ITV)

She heard every word, including her delightful grandmother saying: “I won’t let you drag that innocent girl into the filthy cesspit you inhabit.” Seriously, who is this woman?

As the guys stood firm and told her they’d see her in court, Geraldine hit back: “If you’re here to frighten me you’re even more deranged than my poor son was.”

Summer was not having that and stepped out from behind the door to reveal herself shouting: “Don’t talk about my dad like that.”

“Don’t talk about my dad like that!” (Credit: ITV)

The youngster then launched into a speech at her grandma worthy of an Oscar nomination it was so moving:

“You talk about them and dad like they’re freaks or something.”

“I’m not having this discussion,” Geraldine cut in.

“Er, I’m afraid we are,” said Summer, before adding: “Why can’t I at least just see them like dad wanted?

“The way you talk, the way you think, it’s not normal, none of this is normal.”

Fans were delighted at little Summer and the way she stood up to the old hag. Heading to Twitter they made it very clear this young girl was a popular new addition to the Street.

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It was Summer’s words that finally prompted grandfather Angus to step in (we’d thought he was mute up to this point). The hen-pecked husband got up and produced Drew’s real will, that he’d changed three days before he died, and that stipulated Summer was to live with Billy and Todd.

The kindly old man revealed the truth and gave his grandaughter the choice of who she’d like to live with. She chose Billy and Todd, much to Geraldine’s disgust.

As the new little family headed back to Weatherfield, Todd treated them all to a chippy tea.

But something tells us parenthood isn’t going to be all plain sailing from here, and the lads might face some tough challenges as they help the grieving youngster through her toughest times.