Coronation Street: Evil Nathan SEDUCES smitten Bethany

Schoolgirl is falling deeper into the predator's trap

If you’re not already throwing your cushion at the TV when slimy Nathan is on-screen in Corrie, you will be next week as he SEDUCES Bethany.

The schoolgirl has been growing increasingly smitten with the older newcomer, who has been showering her with compliments and advice since suddenly appearing at Christmas time.

So when he moves in for a kiss, she’s happy to take things further, convinced she has finally met someone to love and take care of her.

The next morning, though, the tanning salon manager asks the teenager to provide him with an alibi with police, who want to quiz him over the kidnap of a girl…

This might not come as a total surprise to viewers, as it has been widely reported that Nathan is an evil paedophile who will lure the Weatherfield favourite into a terrifying sex ring.

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But, blinded by his kindness, Bethany is oblivious to Nathan’s nefarious intentions.

That’s because he has been clever to manipulate her, explains actor Chris Harper, who plays him.

“Nathan is very careful and he moves towards Bethany very slowly as he doesn’t want to scare her off,” he told Inside Soap magazine.

The Corrie newcomer is prepared for a backlash from viewers.

“People are very protective of Bethany, which is very understandable,” he reasons.

“It is important to raise awareness of this issue as it happens to a lot of young people.

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“I’m not worried how people view Nathan as I want people to look out for the Bethanys in their own life.”

This plot looks set to grow very sinister…