Coronation Street: David Platt LEFT FOR DEAD as he seeks revenge for Kylie’s killing

It's not looking good after this brutal beating

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It seems that Monday night is all right for fighting on Coronation Street, the problem is that the punches will only be landing in one direction.

David Platt is having a hard time in the aftermath of his wife Kylie’s shocking death.

After being pestered by his mum Gail to go to grief counselling sessions, he finally relents.

David being the personality that he is, then refuses to speak to the counsellor when he gets there.

There is only one thing on his mind and that’s revenge. This is heightened when he reads on Macca’s social media page that there will be a party for Kylie’s killer, Clayton, in his absence at The Dog & Gun.

David sees red and wants to go and confront Macca. There is one big problem though that gets in the way.

A mystery man intercepts David as he stomps along his warpath and gives him one hell of a beating.

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Meanwhile, there is more plotting on the Street, mainly by Vinny and Phelan and how they are going to fleece those that live there for thousands of pounds, with their apartment complex scam.

The problem is that Phelan’s other half, Eileen, is fully embracing being on board as an ‘investor’ and has gone out buying tiles for the venture.

Vinny is not best pleased that his hard earned fraudulent funds are being spent by Eileen and it gets worse for him.

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Eileen announces that she has jacked in her job at Streetcars so that she can work full-time on the project.

Is she on the precipice of rumbling his plot to defraud her neighbours? Will Phelan have a conscience and support Eileen or will he be happy to leave her penniless?