Coronation Street: Bethany exposes policeman Neil

Neil had threatened Bethany but thanks to Craig - awesome Craig! - he's been exposed for what he is

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Coronation Street Spoiler

Bethany exposes policeman Neil Despite all the evil things Nathan did when he was grooming Bethany, policeman Neil is arguably worse as he’s in a position of authority, yet still slept with Bethany against her will.

He’s since made sure she’s stayed quiet by threatening her family if she does speak out.

But now Nathan’s not being charged Sarah thinks nice policeman Neil will be of comfort.

His visits leave Bethany terrified as he issues more threats against her.

Craig clocks his superior coming out of the Platts’ and after asking some questions, realises all isn’t right.

He finally manages to get Bethany to open up about Neil and she confesses he was one of the men who raped her.

She begs Craig not to tell anyone and he agrees.

He even quits his job as a trainee policeman in solidarity.

But with his superiors suspicious, will Craig crack and reveal what Neil really is? And will the policeman carry out his threats on Bethany’s family?

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