Ex-Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley slams troll who fat-shamed her

The ITV star refused to let the comment get to her.

Former Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley has hit back at a troll who body-shamed her on social media.

The 37-year-old star has always been open about her fitness journey, so when she saw the remark targeting her she decided enough was enough and couldn’t bite her tongue.

After seeing a troll claim that she had “fat legs,” the actress decided to put them on blast publicly.

Catherine fired back at a social media troll (Credit: Splash News)

How did Catherine Tyldesly react to being body-shamed?

She told her followers on Instagram Stories: “It’s not often your Auntie Cath gets trolled, I’m very lucky like that. I’ve got lots of wonderful, positive people in my life.

“You do get the occasional twonk, so to the guy yesterday who said I had ‘big fat legs’, babes, I’ve been training these legs for seven years.

Catherine continued: “This s**t don’t wobble, and I guarantee I could dead-lift or squat your entire body weight, my love.

“So things just got really awkward, really fast, didn’t they? God bless ya, darling. Find the light, come on.”

The star is married to 32-year-old personal trainer Tom Pitfield.

Growing up she struggled with her weight, and she ended up managing to lose a massive six stone a decade ago.

In doing so she dropped from a size 22 to a size 10.

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Has the ex-Corrie star been trolled before?

After sharing a picture of herself earlier this year, one of the actress’ followers made a negative comment that didn’t sit well with her.

While many praised the look as “absolutely stunning” and “gorgeous” in the comments, some users posted cruel messages about the actress’ looks.

One told Cath, seemingly in an attempt to body shame her: “You need to eat a sandwich.”

Catherine tyldesley trolls
Trolls left cruel comments about Catherine Tyldesley on her Instagram (Credit:

What did her fans say?

She replied: “Do I tho? What a strange comment…”

Her fans rallied around her, as one clapped back: “Rude.”

Another fumed: “Excuse you?! What kind of body-shaming [bleep] is this?! Why do you think you have the right to fire off judgmental [bleep] at people you don’t know?”

Elsewhere in the picture’s comments, another troll account told Catherine: “You have a man’s jaw.”

But the star had only positivity to offer back, as she said: “I’m proud of my jawline… it’s strong… like me. Sending you love and healing. I hope you find inner peace with yourself. God bless.”

One of her fans told her: “I would pay good money for your jawline! Beautiful.”

Another who had her back quipped, with laughing emojis: “All the better to eat your sandwiches with, right?! Jesus, people are weird!”

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