Coronation SPOILER: Troublemaker Rosie Webster returns!

Where she goes, trouble always follows...

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Rosie Webster returns to Weatherfield with sister Sophie, but the police are hot on her tail. What’s she been up to now?

Actress Helen Flanagan is reprising her role as Rosie after five years away from the street and her family. When Rosie arrives home with Sophie it’s much to dad Kevin’s surprise.

He’s thrilled to see his little girl who’s been living it up in Miami, but his new partner, Anna Windass, is a little shocked by Rosie’s arrival – especially given how many suitcases she’s brought with her!

And it’s those suitcases that appear to be the problem when the police come knocking and demand to search Rosie’s stuff.

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With the family sitting around while the officers go through their things, Sophie and Rosie are completely oblivious as to what on earth they could be looking for.

But when Rosie tells Sophie her boyfriend in Miami gave her some ‘treats’ to pass on to his friend in Manchester it suddenly all becomes painfully clear – Rosie’s smuggled drugs!

Whether she knew what she was doing or not remains to be seen, but it’s not long before the girls are dragged in for questioning. Have the cops found the illegal substance?

They’re later released without charge, but they know they’ve now got a problem on their hands trying to handle the situation.

Rosie think she’s hit upon the perfect idea when she discovers Tim has an allotment and suggests to her sis they hide the drugs there, but will anyone catch them?

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Their illegal activities aside, it’s not long before Rosie’s caught the eye of a local lothario when Adam Barlow asks her on a date.

With a boyfriend back in America, Rosie’s not keen, but given he’s set her up to smuggle drugs, it doesn’t look like he’s all that committed to her!

Are Rosie and Adam a hot new cobbles romance? And with both being big schemers and already up to their necks in trouble, is this set to end in even more?

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