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Sunday 9th August 2020

The coolest contemporary celebrity tattoos

Their inking is spot-on

Making a statement on your body with technicolour ink has never been more cool. If you having got a tattoo - who are you? Celebs, always at the cutting edge of all style movements, are leading the pack with their designs. Sometimes humorous, other times sentimental and occasionally political, these stars' inks are NEVER boring...Kelly's touching th-ink-ing

Kelly Osbourne has touchingly shown her support for the 49 victims who lost their lives in the Pulse nightclub shootings in Orlando, Florida at the weekend. Sharon and Ozzy's daughter has had the word 'Solidarity' inked onto her skull (ouch!).

Here are 17 more examples of celebrities exercising - if not a beautiful tribute - then at least taste and sense in their choice of ink – enjoy!

Chloe Moretz

Chloe Moretz shows off her tattoo! The actress who is also girlfriend to Brooklyn Beckham recently had her grandmother’s name, Janette Duke, inked on her back. This isn’t the 19-year-old's first tattoo but it’s the first David and Victoria’s son Brooklyn has been present for.

David Beckham

This is what happens when David Beckham’s daughter Harper draws on her dad. The former England football legend and world famous celebrity has decided to turn his 4-year-old daughters drawing into real ink. From wings to prayers, David has 39 other tattoos, claiming that all are ‘about the important people in my life’.


Cheryl’s famous £12,000 rose inking covering the whole of her behind was voted the worst celebrity tattoo of all time - You didn’t think we forgot this one, did you? The tattoo took a total of 15 hours and despite opinions from her friends, Cheryl was delighted to have it done.

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