Controversial EastEnders character makes unannounced return to soap

A shock to everyone?

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Fans noticed a familiar face on EastEnders last night – but it could mean bad news for one of Walford’s residents.

During one of the scenes at Walford High School dealing with Bex Fowler’s bullying, the troubled teen ran into former friend Linzi Bragg – aka Star – who offered her some support.

But Star (played by CBBC actress Amy Leigh Hickman) was the schoolgirl who led to Jay Brown being arrested and put on the Sex Offenders’ Register.

The pair had begun a relationship, after she told him she was a university student when they met, but when the truth came out that she was just 14 years old he was arrested and shunned by his family and the community. The storyline involving Bex (Jasmine Armfield) stepped up a gear, as bully schoolgirls Madison and Alexandra attacked her in the toilets.

They ripped her shirt and writing ‘Dirty’ on her forehead in permanent marker.

All the while,  so-called friend Louise Mitchell kept watch outside the bathroom door.

But at least Bex could have a friend in Star, who approached her on the stairs to offer her support.

“I heard about what happened, it was bang out of order,” she told Bex. “If you ever want anyone to talk to, then just give me a call, ok?”

It might have just been a fleeting moment, but it left fans shocked and surprised at Star’s return – and wondering what that might mean for Jay.

The mechanic has been through the mill since the truth about their relationship came out, and he was arrested for having indecent images of a child on his mobile phone.

He pleaded guilty – to spare Linzi having to go through a trial – and was put on the Sex Offenders’ register, thrown out of his home by Phil Mitchell, beaten up by her family, and ending up dealing drugs and developing a cocaine habit.

Jay finally seems to be getting his life back on track, but who knows what could happen if Star returns to the Square on a more permanent basis…