Controversial comedian to turn more than the sky and sea blue in Benidorm

The old-school performer missed the political correctness train

When it comes to cameo appearances, no show does it quite like Benidorm.

Since it first hit our screens in 2007, the ITV sitcom has seen a galaxy of stars sign up for brief roles.

Sheridan Smith, Cilla Black, Shane Richie, Joan Collins…

But none of those will have set tongues wagging like the latest addition to the cast is likely to.

The comedian won’t be playing himself in the show. (Credit: Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown/Twitter)

Yep, none other than Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown is joining the show.

The Yorkshire-born comedian is notorious for his brash stand-up act, which shows scant regard for political correctness. In 2007, Channel 4 ran a documentary entitled Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown: Britain’s Rudest Comedian.

The Costa Blanca won’t know what’s hit it!

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Brown won’t be playing himself when he turns up at the Solana hotel for the 10th series, due to air in 2018 – he’ll have a proper speaking role.

“Roy is really keen to get back into acting, and thinks a role on Benidorm will get him back into mainstream telly,” said a source.

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“He obviously doesn’t take himself very seriously, and neither does the show, so it was thought as a good fit.”

The Solana hotel has welcomed a number of big names over the years. (Credit: ITV)

And ‘Chubby’ isn’t the only comedian who’ll be making an appearance this time around – the show has also signed up Hale & Pace and the Chuckle Brothers!

Should be a barrel of laughs.

Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown is no stranger to TV sitcoms, having made a cameo in The League Of Gentleman. The fictional setting for that show, Royston Vasey, is the comedian’s real name.

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