Coronation Street: Connors in legal battle over Aidan’s will?

It's not what they were expecting

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The Connor family are still trying to come to terms with Aidan taking his own life when they’re dealt another shock when Michelle discovers his will.

Robert is shocked by Michelle’s revelation (Credit: ITV)

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She and Carla have been tasked with sorting through the late factory boss’s things when Michelle comes across the letter containing Aidan’s final wishes.

The discovery is tough enough as it shows how long Aidan had been thinking about suicide.

It wasn’t a spur of the moment decision as he very clearly got things in order before his shocking actions.

But as she reads through it, the contents leave her absolutely stunned.

Michelle shows Carla Aidan’s will (Credit: ITV)

According to The Sun, Aidan has left his factory shares not to his family, but to business partner Alya Nazir.

A TV source told the tabloid:

“In the fallout from the emotional storyline Aidan’s will shows that he’s left Underworld to Alya.

“It’s a shock as everyone was expecting it to be left to his own family.

“It’s an unintentional snub to the Connors, as he made the will months earlier when he thought about taking his own life.”

Not wanting to add any further upset to Aidan’s dad Johnny, Michelle shows her fiance Robert Preston her discovery and he’s equally shocked by what he reads.

With Robert’s advice she decides to speak to the Connor women and each of them are equally shocked when she reveals the contents of the will.

She visits Carla at the factory and shows document to her, wondering what they should do about it.

Jenny, Carla and Michelle decide to consult Adam Barlow. What will he say?

Robert is taken aback by the contents of the will (Credit: ITV)

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The Sun claims that a legal battle between the Connors and Alya will ensue.

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