Emmerdale confirms when Emma Barton will leave?

We've not got long to wait until she's gone

It’s been a loooong time coming, but Emmerdale have finally revealed when its huge week, that leads to Emma Barton’s exit, will air.

She’s gone a whole year escaping justice for pushing her fiance James Barton off a motorway bridge and causing a massive pile up on the road below.

Emma pushed James (Credit: ITV)

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And now the show have revealed their next big week will air from Monday October 2.

Things will actually start to go wrong for Emma beginning from Monday September 25 as Gabby starts taunting her and the nasty nurse believes James is back from the dead and haunting her.

Gabby’s all kitted out with walkie talkies and has even got Arthur in on her plan, but when Emma realises she’s been set up, the red mist descends. Could Gabby be in serious danger?

Gabby’s determined to take on Emma (Credit: ITV)

Turning child killer might seem a pretty grim prospect, but Gillian Kearney, who plays Emma, has warned we shouldn’t rule anything out.

Speaking to, she said: “The audience will be worried for Gabby, because Emma can’t be pushed too far before she snaps.

“It’s not coming from a place of evil, but she’s very volatile and you just never know what she’s going to do next.”

Who knows how Emma will react (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale launched a trailer for next week on their Twitter feed calling it an “unmissable week”.

In previous years, the first week of October has been the big week of Emmerdale’s year with the crash last year and evil Cameron Murray’s comeuppance among other stories that have culminated then.

Show boss Iain MacLeod has previously confirmed that this year’s big week will be different to last year’s, telling The Sun: “Last year’s spectacular was such a massive action set piece and so much stunt work.

“While we did toy with the idea of trying to top that I don’t know how we’d do that without looking ridiculous, like we’re trying to top it.

“We’ve gone down different routes so it’s more… the action is equally as dramatic but it’s more intimate and more intense as it concerns a smaller group of people, rather than crashing as many vehicles we could get our hands on.

“We just thought you can’t do that twice.”

She’s a woman on edge (Credit: ITV)

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Emma is a woman on the edge, we know the end is nigh for her, but will she kill again before she goes?

Or is she the one who’s set to die?

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