Holby City CONFIRMS shock death in tonight’s episode

Will Jac be the victim - or someone else?

Someone in Holby City will die in tonight’s shocking episode, but will it be Jac Naylor – who’s been shot – or will someone else breathe their last?

Right at the very end of Tuesday’s episode viewers saw Jac make a decision about her future at Holby.

She told Raf she was off for a new life, then she headed down the stairs, and as she reached the bottom stopped in surprise when she saw someone.

Jac made a decision about her future (Credit: BBC)

“You shouldn’t be down here,” she said.

And then we heard a gunshot.

Jac was left bleeding heavily (Credit: BBC)

As the episode ended, we saw Jac crawl out of the stairwell, bleeding heavily, and then collapse.

Will Jac survive? (Credit: BBC)

But that horrifying ending was actually just the beginning and the gun rampage continues in tonight’s episode.

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With the lights out all over the hospital and the gunman still on the loose, it’s up to newcomer Professor John Gaskell to cope with the crisis.

The team have a lot on their plate in tonight’s episode (Credit: BBC)

As Jac is found, there’s a race against time to save her, but her attacker is still prowling round the corridors of Holby with murder in mind!

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By the end of tonight’s episode, the staff at Holby will be mourning at least one sad death.

It could be Jac – after all, she’s in a bad way – but it could be someone else, or maybe even more than one person, who says goodbye to the team forever.

Will the attacker be caught? And how will the team move on after such a dark day in the hospital?

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