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Comeback of EastEnders favourite confirmed

But are they going to be a permanent fixture?

EastEnders new spring trailer has got us all talking and one of the things we’re excited by is the confirmation that an old face will be returning.

After a brief reappearance earlier this year, Yolande Trueman will once again be gracing our screens – and this time she’s coming to the Square.

Yolande is back (Credit: BBC)

We last saw her in March when she pulled some strings at the Minute Mart headquarters to help Denise Fox out with her disciplinary hearing.

It ended up not going to plan for Dee, who walked out having quit her job. Yolande had tried to stick up for her, but Denise made it very difficult for anyone to defend her after her outburst.

Denise is now on the breadline, struggling to feed herself and at an all-time low. Is that why Yolande returns?

Patrick can’t believe his eyes when he sees her (Credit: BBC)

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It looks like she walks into The Vic, where her ex-husband, Patrick Trueman, is drinking and he’s stunned to see her. So it looks like he had no idea she was coming back – could they rekindle their romance?

And just how long is she here for? Is she just here for a visit or is it more of a long-term plan?

Yolande left the soap in 2008 when she was offered a dream job in Birmingham, and it seems she’s now doing pretty well for herself, so we’re really not sure what would bring her back to Walford…

The trailer also showed plenty of other old, but familiar faces returning, with Sonia Fowler back in the Square – and getting into the back of an ambulance. Who’s hurt and in need of medical care? And will they be okay?

Sonia is back too – but why is she in an ambulance? (Credit: BBC)

Sonia has been away from Walford while actress Natalie Cassidy was on maternity leave. She briefly returned last month to rescue daughter Bex from the bullies.

And with Bex possibly pregnant now, could Sonia have another big family reason for a more permanent comeback?

We also get to see Robbie Jackson’s return. He’s seen with Martin Fowler in the cafe and it doesn’t look like his former brother-in-law is all that thrilled to see Rob!

Robbie returns – and Martin’s not impressed (Credit: BBC)

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Dean Gaffney’s comeback was confirmed by the show last month, with Dean saying: “I’m really happy to be back.

“I’m so lucky to be given the chance to work again with such talented people.

“A big thank you to Sean and the team. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

You can watch the entire, jaw-dropping trailer here.