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Coleen Rooney takes off wedding ring for Blackpool day out with sons – as Wayne marriage rumours continue to swirl

Is this a sign Wayne hasn't been forgiven yet?

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Coleen Rooney put the heartbreak of husband Wayne’s drink-driving charge to one side as she enjoyed a day out with her sons in Blackpool.

But eagle-eyed fans noted she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring, leading to fresh concerns about the state of her marriage.

Pregnant Coleen was seen beaming for the camera while visiting Nickelodeon Land at Blackpool Pleasure Beach over the weekend.

Instagram @coleen_rooney
Coleen looked in high spirits on her family day out – minus Wayne [Credit: Instagram @coleen_rooney]


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In a photo posted to Instagram, she crouched down to hold onto youngest son Kit, one, which meant her hand was clearly visible to the camera with no wedding or engagement band.

Her middle son Klay, four, can also be seen in the family snap, taken with two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

There was no sign of Wayne himself or the couple’s eldest son Kai, seven.

Coleen captioned the picture: “A day out at Blackpool is always fun!!!”

Fans noted her lack of wedding ring in the snap [Credit: Twitter]
Is the missing ring a sign she hasn’t forgiven Wayne for his night out?

Or could it simply be she didn’t want to wear pricey diamonds for a kids’ fun day in Blackpool?

Other fans noted Wayne’s absence in the picture and drew their own conclusions from it, but if the photo was taken on Saturday, then Wayne would have been busy playing for Everton.

Instagram @coleen_rooney
Coleen had her rings firmly on in this snap taken in August before Wayne’s drink-driving arrest [Credit: Instagram @coleen_rooney]
Meanwhile, other fans simply told Coleen they admired her for keeping her head held high and focusing her energies on her children.

One wrote: “Bravo, you are a very strong woman.”

Another said: “Saw you there Coleen, you looked happy. Keep your head up, you got this!”

And a third added:  “Good luck to you, girl. Hold your head high & take care of you & bubba. Beautiful family.”




Coleen was showered by support from fans [Credit: Twitter]
Rumours about Coleen and Wayne’s nine-year union have been swirling ever since he was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving while at the wheel of another woman’s car.

As neither Coleen, 31, nor Wayne, also 31, has addressed the speculation, it’s led to a barrage of unconfirmed reports alleging everything from a divorce being imminent to the couple wanting to work it out.

It’s also been claimed Coleen has set ‘guidelines’ to get Wayne back on the straight and narrow, while Wayne has reportedly been wooing his wife by taking her to all their old date locations to remind her of the good times.

Of course, as neither of them have said anything, it’s all just speculation.

Neither Coleen nor Wayne has addressed constant speculation about their marriage [Credit: Instagram @Coleen_Rooney]
Coleen previously hit out at false reports about her life [Credit: Twitter]
The only comment Coleen has made publicly since the Wayne drama started was a sarcastic Twitter message urging people not to believe everything they read.

Posted on September 5, it said: “Would love to meet all these so called friends of mine who know me so well… I was being sarcastic towards all these great sources the press have… who I have probably never met in my life!

“I have the best friends.”

Wayne was arrested in the early hours of September 1 while driving a VW Beetle belonging to office worker Laura Simpson, 29, who was in the passenger seat.

He appeared at Stockport Magistrates’ Court on September 18 and pleaded guilty to a drink-driving charge.

The judge handed him a two-year driving ban and 100 hours of unpaid charity work as part of a 12-month community order.

Wayne pleaded guilty to drink-driving last week [Credit: FameFlynet]
Breaking his silence on the incident, Wayne released a statement afterwards in which he apologised to his family, friends and fans.

“Following today’s court hearing I want publicly to apologise for my unforgivable lack of judgement in driving while over the legal limit. It was completely wrong,” he said.”

“I have already said sorry to my family, my manager and chairman and everyone at Everton FC.

“Now I want to apologise to all the fans and everyone else who has followed and supported me throughout my career.

“Of course I accept the sentence of the court and hope that I can make some amends through my community service.”

Instagram @Coleen_Rooney
Coleen is pregnant with the couple’s fourth child [Credit: Instagram @Coleen_Rooney]
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Coleen, who is pregnant with the couple’s fourth child, was said to be on holiday at the time of Wayne’s arrest and returned home to confront him.

According to The Sun on Sunday, former England captain Wayne privately told Coleen nothing happened with Laura and he was just helping her out by giving her a lift home.

An insider alleged: “Wayne has pleaded his innocence of doing anything with Laura and told Coleen he will do anything to keep the family together.

“He has told her that she and the kids are his world.”

Only time will tell how Coleen really feels about that…

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