Coleen Rooney reportedly gives Wayne one last chance – but her tweets might suggest otherwise

She seems a bit fed up of all the comments

Pregnant Coleen Rooney is facing a very tough decision as she works out whether to give her husband Wayne another chance following his drink-driving scandal.

Reports have now suggested that after thinking it through she’s giving her husband “one last chance”.

Is Coleen prepared to forgive and forget? (Credit: Instagram)

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However, a series of tweets by Coleen, hitting out at the press, could indicate she’s not actually as willing to forgive and forget as her so-called friends have said.

The Sun has reported a source “close to Coleen” as saying: “She’s furious and has been through every emotion.

“But after lots of discussion with close family and friends she’s concluded that she doesn’t want the marriage to end.

“She’s a mum of three with a fourth on the way and she’s passionate about keeping the family together.”

The kids will always come first for Coleen (Credit: Instagram)

It would seem this is a u-turn for the WAG, who was said to be considering a £70million divorce and was pictured without her diamond wedding ring earlier this week.

Wayne, however, has remained hopeful, constantly wearing his wedding ring and making sure he flashed it to photographers.

So what do we believe?

Well, the mum has since tweeted her frustration at all of these reports about her life.

She wrote: “Would love to meet all these so called friends of mine who know me so well.”

And then to clarify further: “I was being sarcastic towards all these great sources the press have…who I have probably never met in my life! I have the best friends.”

Twitter @coleenroo

Is this her way of denying that she’s taking him back? Or is she just fed up of all the reports about her private life?

The star’s marriage was thrown into turmoil last week when Wayne was caught drink driving another woman’s car, with the girl by his side.

The woman in question, Laura Simpson, has since revealed to the Mail Online that the footballer stared at her breasts and made comments to her before they left together.

Laura Simpson was in the car with Wayne at the time of his arrest (Credit: Instagram)

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She has also claimed they would have slept together had the police not picked Wayne up.

Coleen was in Majorca holidaying with their three sons – Kai, seven, Klay four, and one-year-old Kit – at the time, but flew straight home as soon as news of her husband’s arrest broke.

She was said to have taken the boys to stay with her parents as she worked out her future, but returned to the family home this week as the children were due back at school.

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