Coleen Rooney clears up flight debacle

She has responded to claims made by fellow plane passenger

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Coleen Rooney has responded to the claim a fellow passenger was asked to change seats on a flight to make way for her.

A man travelling on a Jet 2 flight from Faro, Portugal to Manchester has alleged that crew moved his family from their pre-booked seats on row 29 to seats in row 33 next to smelly toilets.

According to The Sun, Mark Chassin’s party paid £2,735 for their return tickets and an extra £60 to pre-book their chosen seats on the plane: three rows on each sides of the aisle next to each other. They pre-booked the seats in January.

Coleen Rooney with her sons in the sunshine
Coleen, pictured with her children, said she had no idea a family was asked to move and she sat where she was told on the plane (Credit: Instagram @waynerooney)

But he alleged in a complaint posted to Facebook that when they arrived for the flight on July 28, they were told the seats had been reallocated and they’d have to sit at the back of the plane instead.

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He claims a cabin crew member told them they’d been moved to accommodate another group “including someone who was a celebrity, Coleen Rooney.”

Coleen, however, has now responded, saying she had no idea anybody had been asked to switch seats and she just sat where she was told to sit.

The 31-year-old posted on Twitter on Friday: “Article in the media today about my return from Portugal flight is an absolute joke!!!

“First of all this is the first I know about the situation. I was given these seats on check in and that was that. I didn’t ask for certain seats just took what I was given. The seats were at the back of plane so no extra leg room etc to moan about.

“I was with my 3 kids and 2 brothers….. 3 on one row and 3 on another …. not friends as it says.”

Coleen said she was travelling with her young children (Credit: Instagram @coleen_rooney)

She also highlighted Jet 2’s statement in response to the initial complaint, which said the back row could only be used by passengers aged 14 and over.

Coleen said: “Also Jet 2 has said you have to be 14 or above to sit on back row? So maybe this was the reason as I had 3 children age 8 and below.

“I didn’t know about this situation as I said and I am just a mum travelling with young kids like everyone else.”

Coleen and Wayne Rooney and their sons
Coleen was travelling with her two brothers (Credit: Instagram @coleen_rooney)

The star has four sons with footballer husband Wayne Rooney: Kai, eight, Klay, five, Kit, two, and baby Cass, who was born in February.

Coleen added that she was upset to be painted as a “diva” when it couldn’t be further from the truth, adding she wasn’t happy the story was “trying to make me out as someone am not.”

The full statement from Jet 2 read: “The aisle seats on the back row of our aircraft must be occupied by passengers aged 14 or above, so this move was necessary for us to meet safety and operational requirements, whilst keeping Mark and his family on the same row.

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“We have already been in touch with Mark to apologise for his relocation from row 29 to 33 and have offered a full refund for the cost of the pre-booked seat.”

Jet 2 reiterated that on Twitter, sharing the statement with customers who contacted them about the story and reiterating: “To be clear, this move had nothing to do with who Coleen Rooney is. ”

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