Coleen opens up about future daughter-in-law’s ‘stripper’ look

Little Mix's Jesy Nelson slated for provocative outfits

Little Mix have found a staunch defendant of their controversial racy outfits on X Factor, on the Loose Women panel.

Coleen Nolan has come out firing against those that think Jesy Nelson and her bandmates went too far with their lack of clothing on the ITV talent show.

There is a vested interest of course, as Jesy is engaged to Coleen’s son, Jack Roche.

Even so, Coleen said that she was proud of the confidence that Jesy has to wear such daring attire.

She was talking about the latex outfits during a discussion on the ITV panel show, in which they were asking whether the X Factor winners were dressed too provocatively for the audience of the show.

Coleen dismissed those who thought that Little Mix had gone too far.

She said: “Goodness me they had swimsuits on they didn’t have their boobs out.”

Coleen went on to describe how she has seen the band grow as they gained confidence.

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She continued: “Over the years you develop as a woman, you experience life more, you get more confident.

“What I love about them they are so confident, and they go out there and they are all different shapes and sizes, and go out there and they are confident.”

Coleen went on to say that the critics pick and choose who to hold up as bad influences and feels that Little Mix gets a raw deal.

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She said: “I’ve seen a lot worse, no one screams and shouts when Beyonce goes out there.

“And I am biased because they are talking about my future daughter in law.

“I am very protective.”

With Coleen firing on all cylinders, it would be a brave person to speak out against Little Mix at the moment.

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