Coleen Nolan says her son was an “ugly baby”

The Loose Women panel and audience were in stitches

Coleen Nolan has admitted to thinking her son was an ugly baby.

The Loose Women panellist said that her son, Shane Ritchie Jr., was that much of an ugly newborn that she didn’t know “whether to put him in a cot or a tree”.

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The ladies were discussing the legendary Cher’s speech during the Billboard Awards last night. The 71-year-old said that her mother told her she would “never be the best looking or most talented” but that she would be the one that was most special.

Host Christine Lampard, and co-hosts Jane Moore, Saira Khan and Coleen were talking about whether they would ever admit that their child was ugly, when the Celebrity Big Brother winner came out with the hilarious comments.

Poor Shane!

Coleen then grabbed the show’s iPad and said: “I found a picture of Shane and he looks just like me”, holding up a photo of a spider monkey.

Oh, there is never a dull moment with Coleen!

People at home thought she was hilarious, and the segment also sparked off a bit of a debate.

One agreed with Coleen and said: “Babies are NOT all beautiful”, then adding that she always pays the parents a compliment anyway.

Another said: “Telling your child that they’re ‘ugly’ is plain wrong, but we should stress to them that beauty isn’t everything in life…”

One Twitter user said: “I would never tell a child they aren’t beautiful, because all children are in their own way. And special too. Keep it positive around them”.

However, the topic also ruffled a few feathers.

One thought that for a group of women that were championing body confidence, it seemed hypocritical to say that your child was ugly.

“The people who speak about being confident with your body, talking about admitting if you [sic] child is ugly? Again, HYPOCRITES!”

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Oh dear!

See what you’ve started now, Coleen?

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