Coleen Nolan opens up about cancer fears

The star has a family history of the disease

During Thursday’s Loose Women Coleen Nolan revealed she lives in fear of getting cancer.

The 52-year-old admitted to being “obsessed” with checking herself for signs after three of her sisters have had it, with one passing away from it.

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Speaking to her fellow panellists Coleen revealed: “Yes obviously you worry about it. That’s three sisters that have had cancer.

“I am quite obsessive about checking myself – like every time I am in the shower or looking in a mirror.”

“And then every six months I go and see a specialist. We’re all clued up on it,” she added.

The star recently took time away from Loose Women after discovering her sister, Linda Nolan, had been diagnosed with cancer.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner broke down on her return to the show back in March as she announced the devastating news.

She said: “This is so hard. My sister Linda had an accident in her home where she fell up the stairs.

“She fractured and broke her hip and went to hospital.

“While they did the scan of her hip, they found secondary cancer. She had been clear of breast cancer for six years.”

Another of Coleen’s sisters, Bernie Nolan, passed away from breast cancer in 2013.

In another Loose Women segment, Coleen, Linda and Maureen Nolan took part in an exclusive interview before their annual family ball held in Bernie’s memory.

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Speaking about the upcoming event Coleen said to Linda: “It was really important for you to do this wasn’t it?

“Because you were worried your treatment was going to start and you would miss this.”

Linda, 58, went on to reveal that she is starting her radiotherapy on Tuesday while Maureen, 62, also opened up about her own fears of getting the disease.

She told Linda: “She [Anne] was amazing, Bernie was amazing, you’re amazing, as in brave, but I don’t think I’ll be amazing. I’ll scream and shout and throw things.”

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