Classic Coronation Street villain to make shock comeback to terrorise the cobbles?

The classic villain could have returned to terrorise her victims

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Kirsty Soames could be making a shock return to Coronation Street.

The abusive ex of Tyrone Hobbs – who was played by actress Natalie Gumede in the ITV soap – hasn’t been seen since she was imprisoned for her abuse, but now he is worried she’s back and was responsible for setting fire to their trampoline.

Could evil Kirsty really be back? (Credit: ITV)

In tonight’s episodes of the show, Fiz brought up the possibility that Kirsty had returned, angry about being denied access to her daughter Ruby.

She told Tyrone: “I’m going to say something and you’re not going to like it.

“I’ve been thinking about the fire and I reckon I know who did it – Kirsty.”

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But as Tyrone comprehended the horror that the woman who beat him and almost had him jailed for her own abuse was back, Fiz continued.

“Because one of those girls is still her daughter and she’s mentally unstable and it’s the only explanation that makes sense,” she said.

Fiz added: “Whoever did it has probably got a grudge and a screw loose how many people do we know who fit the bill?”

Tyrone and Fiz were horrified by the thought that Kirsty is back (Credit: ITV)

But later Tyrone checked where Kirsty was and discovered she was abroad, he was given pause for thought when Gemma suggested it was just what she wanted him to think.

“Unless that’s what she wants you to think,” Gemma said.

She added: “I’ve seen this TV show about this guy from Wigan who faked his own abduction in Fuengirola so he could come back here and terrorise his girlfriend without being a suspect.

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“He had a fake passport and everything. It was proper creepy.”

But is Kirsty really back or did someone else set fire to the trampoline?

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