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Claire King defends euthanasia comments in heated debate on Loose Women

The star joined the panel to discuss the backlash from her comments

Coronation Street Claire King opened up about her controversial euthanasia comments she made last month during today’s Loose Women.

Earlier last month Claire, 54, revealed she “would consider” euthanasia because she doesn’t want to “become a burden on people” around her.

During a heated debate on the panel show today Claire defended her comments.

Claire revealed she would consider euthanasia when she gets older (Credit: ITV)

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Claire, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, recently revealed how caring for her disabled parents has left her considering ending her own life.

Speaking to Mirror Online the actress said: “I do worry about when I’m older and becoming a burden on people around me.

“I can understand why people choose assisted dying – and it’s getting to the point where I would consider it myself.”

Talking to panellists Andrea McLean, Stacey Solomon, Janet Street Porter and Anne Diamond today Claire backed her views saying: “I was talking about something completely different.”

Journalist Janet was quick to explain that she believes loved ones should be considered in the decision as she said: “I can see where you’re coming from but the impact of taking your own life on the people around you is considerable.”

But Claire, who plays Erica Holroyd in Corrie, jumped in saying: “And so is the burden on your family and the NHS.”

Janet was quick to question the star about her controversial comments (Credit: ITV)

Janet went on to say: “But what about the impact on your friends?”

To which Claire replied: “You have to think will I be a burden on them and is that fair on them?

“You wouldn’t do it to your labrador. You wouldn’t do it to a dog, so why would you do it to your family?

“I don’t want to say you can open the doors and it’s a flood gate for everyone. I think what could be introduced is a living will and you could put it in your will, do not resuscitate.

“I don’t want to be remembered in that state.”

Claire went on to say that she had discussed the issue with her parents and her and her father are both pro euthanasia.

Her dad John, 77, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in his twenties and her mum Angela, 77, has had severe back problems and arthritis since her children were young.

Janet, 70, asked the star: “I want to know if it was legalised you might be in the position of being in the hospital and saying turn off his life support machine. What about the impact on your mother?”

Claire defended her comments saying she doesn’t want to be a burden on her family and friends (Credit: ITV)

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Northern lass Claire admitted she and her parents have had multiple conversations about death so she would be understanding.

Soap icon Claire made her comments earlier last month and said having no children has made the decision easier for her.

Claire, who recently announced her departure from the ITV soap, said: “Most of my family will be gone. It’s not a selfish thing. It’s a decision at a certain age, when you’re becoming a burden to others.

“I worry about not having children. I see how my brother and I try to help out our parents – I haven’t got that.”