Christmas just got WAY better! These baubles have GIN in them…

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The stresses of Christmas just vanished…

These cheeky decorations have a heft double measure of Pickering’s gin inside and keep selling out within minutes.

They are so pretty, and full of alcohol. What a treat!

People have gone so crazy for them that they can only hand-fill enough to release one more batch before Christmas.

Quick! Get your order in!

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Having produced just a few hundred when the company started producing the decorations in 2014, Summer Hall distillery in Edinburgh said it expects to sell hundreds of thousands next year as they scale up and start using production machines.

A box of six costs £30, with each plastic ball containing 50ml of the good stuff.

Co-founder Marcus Pickering said they “started off as a bit of fun for a Christmas fair and people went absolutely wild for them”.

He added: “We sold hundreds in minutes and decided to spread the Christmas cheer by adding them to our production line as a fun, seasonal offering.”

Baubles on a Christmas tree
Brand manager Leah Shaw Hawkins said they were “cheeky, quirky, a bit fun and tie in with the festive spirit”.

She added: “At Christmas you have a few more tipples than normal, and the popularity of gin is through the roof right now.

“We even supply a gin advent calendar. People love the novelty of trying differently crafted spirits and the Christmas theme is a real hit.”

Gin advent calendar? Yes please!

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“We’ve had people buying them and giving one each to friends, groups buying a box and each taking their favourite colour, all sorts really,” Leah said.

People on the Pickering’s Ginfriends mailing list can find out when they go on sale a day before everyone else.

Those lucky enough to get their hands on one of the elusive boxes may share with friends and family – if they’re feeling ginerous.

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