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Brit families in Lapland forced to flee blazing fire as it rips through hotel

Tourists were forced to flee in freezing temperatures

In shocking and dramatic scenes, holidaymakers in Lapland, Finland, were forced to flee in freezing -8C temperatures when their hotel caught on fire.

British tourists took to Twitter to “thank God” for their lucky escape, after the “once in a lifetime” trip was ruined by the blaze.

One hotel resident named Ben tweeted a shocking image of the fire.

Beside the picture of the Hotel Iso-Syöte in Pudasjärvi, Finland, going up in flames, he wrote: “Once in a lifetime experience in #Lapland full of surprises but wasn’t expecting this on the first night. Hotel on fire but everyone safe. #minus8degrees #reindeersafe.”

He later added a short video, showing fire engines and smoke billowing in all directions.

Another Brit named Sarah, who was staying in the log cabins with her family – including her six-year-old son – shared two shocking images of the fire.

She wrote: “Our hotel caught fire last night. We are all fine, we were in wooden cabins nearby and everyone in the actual building got out thank god.

“Apparently fire engines were coming from two hours away (we’re staying on the edge of the Arctic circle and it’s pretty remote).”

In further tweets Sarah explained how staff woke them at 1am and fireman ushered them outside.

She explained that everyone was OK, also revealing: “We were woken early this morning and brought to another hotel for breakfast (where we are now – we’ll be staying here).”

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Sarah added that her son had been “worried Santa might have been affected”.

Speaking to concerned followers, the film reviewer admitted she was upset by the traumatic experience, writing: “It was very disorientating, also horrible at the beginning because you don’t know if everyone’s out. My youngest was upset though has perked up now.”

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Tourist Ben shared a video of the fire (credit: EnterpriseBen Twitter)

Other British tourists spoke to The Sun about the harrowing experience, with one, Michelle Courtney from London, explaining that the holiday cost £10,000.

(credit: EnterpriseBen Twitter)
Luckily no-one was hurt in the fire (credit: EnterpriseBen Twitter)

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The 36-year-old was at the Santa-themed resort with her husband and four children, and explained: “At around 1.30 staff came banging on doors saying there was a fire. We saw flames ­leaping from the building like a fireball.

“The whole place was on fire. It was harrowing, especially for the children. We’re just happy everyone is safe.”

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