Christine McGuinness shares rare pic of children as they enjoy day at the farm

A lovely family day out on Easter Sunday

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Christine McGuinness celebrated Easter by sharing a rare snap of her three children with fans.

The doting mum – who is married to Take Me Out host Paddy – prefers to keep her kids away from the spotlight, and never shows their faces on social media.

On Easter Sunday, she posted a sweet image to Instagram showing the trio on a day out at the farm.

Instagram @mrscmcguinness
Christine shared this photo on Sunday (Credit: Instagram @mrscmcguinness)

In the picture, four-year-old Leo is seen catching a ride on the back of his one-year-old sister Felicity’s buggy, while his twin sister Penelope stares at the animals.

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Christine, 30, captioned the pic: “Happy Easter from my little chicks!”

Fans were thrilled at the rare glimpse at her kids, with one saying: “Happy Easter to you and your chicks. Hope you have a lovely day.”

Another said: “They are really cute!”

A third wrote: “Happy Easter to you all… Lovely pictures.”

Instagram @mrscmcguinness
Christine seemed to have a fun day out! (Credit: Instagram @mrscmcguinness)

Christine recently appeared a guest panellist on Loose Women where she spoke about her children and how difficult she finds it being apart from them.

“I’m absolutely obsessed with my children and rarely leave them,” she said.

“I’ve been a full time at-home mum and hardly ever leave them, but part of my guest role on Real Housewives of Cheshire was to go to Morocco for two nights, and it filled me with fear and anxiety and stress, more than I’ve ever felt before.”

Christine was a guest panellist on Loose Women last week (Credit: ITV)

“I got on the plane and burst into tears and had quite a big panic attack,” she recalled.

“I think it was a combination of things as I’ve never been away from them for two nights, never been that far, and don’t like flying anyway.

“I think I have a fear of dying, not so much a fear of flying. This worry that if anything happens to me I’m leaving three children without a mum, and it really hit me on the plane.

Instagram @mrscmcguinness
A rare photo of the couple’s three children (Credit: Instagram @mrscmcguinness)

“We all hear about post-natal depression. We don’t really hear about post-natal anxiety and it’s something I’ve suffered for four and a half years.”

The star added she’s the person who spends the most time with autistic twins Leo and Penelope, so best equipped to understand their needs.

Christine also spoke about her relationship with husband Paddy, during a panel discussion on how having kids can affect a relationship.

She said: “I do most of the childcare. I chose to do it and I’ve got absolutely no regrets although it’s been really difficult recently.

Instagram @mrscmcguinness
Christine and Paddy pictured last week (Credit: Instagram @mrscmcguinness)

“But I try to take the positive from everything and it has made me realise that, actually, I want to spend more time with him, and get that back, and try and do more things together.”

Christine, who has been with Paddy for 11 years, said: “I just wanted to be a full-time stay-at-home mum, that’s what I wanted to do, so when the twins were four-days-old, I waved my husband off to work, ‘go on, bye love it’s fine, I’ve got this all under control’.

“And he fully focused on work, which is again, what we both wanted at the time. He provided in that way and I stayed at home looking after the children.

Christine said the couple are putting more effort into their marriage (Credit: ITV)

“Only recently I’ve started thinking, ‘Do you know, I wish he would stay at home a little bit more’, or I should go with him.

“It’s taken this time to realise and for us to be able to leave the children, it’s not so easy for us to do that, but we’re happier than ever right now.

“It’s great that we’re putting the effort in, it’s lovely, it’s nice. Working at it is quite good, it’s actually exciting, you know?”

Christine felt anxious leaving her kids at home while she did a two-day business trip (Credit: ITV)

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Christine continued: “There’s been so many times where he’s left to go to work and I’ve waved him off and said ‘Yeah this is fine, go and enjoy your work’ and then I’ve sat and cried, thinking ‘I really wished you would have stayed.’ That’s a lack of communication.”

The star said she doesn’t regret placing all her attention on the children, but added: “I just hope that my husband didn’t feel too pushed out, because he needs attention, too. I need attention, too.”

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