Christine McGuinness “heartbroken” after stranger’s comments on her kids

The star is mother to five-year-old autistic twins Leo and Penelope

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Christine McGuinness has posted an emotional message to Instagram after comments about her children left her “heartbroken.”

The star and her husband, comedian Paddy McGuinness, are parents to three children – two-year-old Felicity and five-year-old twins Penelope and Leo, who are both autistic.

Christine McGuinness Instagram
Christine posted an emotional rant to Instagram (Credit: Instagram)

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Christine posted a video to Instagram revealing that she’d overheard a woman complain about her kids during a day out at a play centre.

“Play centres are quite a challenging environment for my kids anyway but they did really well and loved it,” she told fans.

“I did overhear a lady complaining about my children, she complained about the noises they were making. She said that there ‘must be something wrong with those children.’

Christine McGuinness Instagram
Christine and Paddy have three children – including twins, Penelope and Leo, who are autistic (Credit: Instagram)

Christine told fans: “It broke my heart. They were just happy. They were happy, they were squealing and laughing and being loud. My kids don’t like noise but they are usually the loudest in the room, but let them enjoy themselves. They’re expressing and they’re happy.”

She continued: “I just think that we’ve still got such a long way to go to open people’s eyes and see past the autism, just see that they are really happy children. Leave them alone. They had a really good day, a brilliant day, it just upset me.

“All every mum wants is for their child to be happy. And they are, they’re really happy.”

Christine captioned the video with a further explanation, explaining how grateful she was that her children had developed the ability to speak.

“When you’ve had or have non verbal children or children with delayed speech you appreciate any sound they make,” she said. “Because whilst everyone comments on how wonderful and quiet your child is, all’’s you wish for is that one day they can communicate and speak for themselves.”

She said that the woman in question complained more than once about the sounds that, to Christine, are a miracle.

“I had silent children for years so to hear someone complain about their noise, when they’re inside a play centre which is another challenging environment for them.. it’s heartbreaking.”

Christine McGuinness Instagram
The twins just started year one at school (Credit: Instagram)

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After her video, Christine posted a sweet photo showing her three children playing in the garden, with the caption, ” I’m so blessed you are mine ❤️.”

Christine and Paddy’s twins have just started year one at school.

Real Housewives star Christine posted a picture to Instagram earlier this month showing them in their new uniforms as she expressed her excitement on their big day.

“Leo and Penelope were both excited and a little bit nervous about their first day back to school this morning starting year 1,” she said. “We are all ready to get our routine back after 8 weeks off! 😴  I’m beaming with pride ❤️❤️❤️.”

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