Christine Lampard reveals ‘new’ long blonde hair

It was a drastically different look for Christine!

Christine Lampard swapped her dark hair for glossy blonde locks on the latest episode of Loose Women.

Fans tuning in to Wednesday’s show may have been baffled after seeing Stacey Solomon doing the opposite, replacing her usual short blonde bob for long, brunette extensions.

The reason?

Christine Lampard said she found it odd being blonde when she’s usually so dark (Credit: ITV)

Well, it was all sparked by Holly Willoughby’s recent admission she used to be a brunette, and the Loose Women panel’s desire to find out whether blondes have more fun.

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They also asked whether a hairstyle can define you.

Also taking part in the experiment was panellist Linda Robson, who wore a short, dark wig, while Janet Street-Porter swapped her trademark fiery red locks for a sleek black bob.

Christine’s usual ‘do versus her blonde wig look (Credit: ITV)

While Christine, 39, didn’t really like her blonde look, Linda loved it!

Linda said: “You’re the only one who actually looks gorgeous. You actually suit blonde and dark.”

Christine replied: “I love blonde hair, I do. I look at other girls with blonde hair and have always loved blonde hair. My sister is really fair and her hair is beautiful.

“But when you’re so dark, like I am, and I’m naturally dark everywhere, the blonde thing doesn’t seem to work!”

Fans, however, thought she looked amazing!

Meanwhile, Stacey said having extensions made her feel “sexier” but the actual colour of her hair didn’t make her feel any different.

“I do feel sexier, I think, with longer hair,” she said.

Stacey swapped her usual blonde for a brunette wig (Credit: ITV)

“I think you have fun no matter what, but I think [the length of my hair] changes my attitude to how I see myself. Sometimes I get extensions put in because longer hair makes me feel sexier.”

Janet wasn’t too impressed with her dark bob look, suggesting it made her look like a “serial killer”.

She said: “One of the reasons I’ve stayed with red hair so long is that it’s easy. You get a big pot of red dye, blob it on your head, and you have red hair.”

Janet’s trademark red was exchanged for a sleek brunette bob (Credit: ITV)

Linda, meanwhile, said she felt like a “news reader” with her new ‘do.

Christine then interjected: “I think you have the touch of the Kris Jenner about you. The authoritative, momager type-thing.”

Linda quipped: “I wish I had her money!”

Linda’s blonde hair was swapped for a Kris Jenner-esque brunette wig (Credit: ITV)

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The wigs all disappeared after the first ad break, and it was back to the usual Loose Women appearances we know so well!

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