Christine Lampard reveals husband Frank’s marriage regret

She spoke openly about the darker side of their big day

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Christine Lampard made a big revelation on Loose Women that husband Frank Lampard regrets one thing about their marriage.

The TV presenter married footballer Frank in a lavish ceremony in London in 2015.

But Christine has revealed that Frank’s biggest regret was that she never got to meet his mum. Aw.

Christine and her fellow panellists were discussing Coronation Street’s current heartbreaking storyline in which Michelle and Steve McDonald have lost their baby, and the strain this is putting on their marriage.

Opening up about her husband’s close bond with his mum, who passed away in 2008, Christine said she’d never met Pat, but that Frank’s loss still had an impact on their relationship.

“Grief hits you in a different way when you meet someone after this terrible, terrible loss.

“Oddly enough on our wedding day part of his speech was the fact that I never got to meet her. That was his biggest regret.

Struggling not to cry as she continued,

“He sees a lot of his mum in me, which I take as the biggest compliment obviously, because he adored his mummy.

“He got very upset re-telling these stories. He knew we’d have afternoon tea together and I’d spend  Saturdays with her, all of those sorts of things.

“So having moved on from the awful thing that happened all those years ago, he definitely still suffers with that grief as I’m sure everyone does. Losing your mum, it’s just dreadful.”

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Christine explained to the audience and her fellow panellists, Nadia Sawalha, Jennifer Ellison and Kaye Adams that it “really makes you appreciate your loved ones”.

She said: “It can be ripped away from all of us as quick as anything. You’ve got to strip everything else back, look at the basics, who do you love? What are the important things? That’s all it boils down to.

“If there’s one thing that I could wish for at the beginning of every year, it’s the health of my family.”