Christine and Paddy McGuinness join forces for charity ball in honour of their twins

It's the first social media photo we've seen of them in a while

Christine and Paddy McGuinness have spent the day at a food tasting ahead of their first annual Twinkle Ball for the National Autistic Society.

Mum of three Christine, 30, shared a snap to Instagram showing her and Take Me Out host Paddy, 44, tucking in to some delicious treats on Wednesday afternoon.

It’s the first photo she’s shared of her and Paddy together since those unconfirmed rumours about their marriage earlier in the year.

Instagram @mrscmcguinness
Christine and Paddy were tasting dishes for their inaugural charity ball (Credit: Instagram @mrscmcguinness)

Proving they are very much together and focused on their big charity event, Christine captioned the pic: “Food tasting with @mcguinness.paddy Hilton Manchester for our first annual ‘Twinkle Ball’.

“Less than 5 weeks to go!. We are raising money for the @nationalautisticsociety.”

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Fans were quick to congratulate Christine and Paddy for doing something so worthwhile, with one saying: “You two are amazing voices for autism.”

Another said: “Your raising awareness and its amazing!”

Fans have sent Christine and Paddy their best wishes for the charity ball (Credit: Instagram)

A third added: “You both look so happy and smile says it all. Good luck in everything you both do and bless your kids too.”

It’s a subject close to the couple’s hearts, as their four-year-old twins Leo and Penelope have been diagnosed with autism.

Instagram @mrscmcguinness
A rare photo of the couple’s three children (Credit: Instagram @mrscmcguinness)

Christine has spoken in interviews about her “shock” when the kids were diagnosed, and how it’s made her strive to be the best mother she can.

She recently told the Manchester Evening News: “Knowing my children and they both have autism, I still find them absolutely perfect and amazing. The diagnosis hasn’t changed that at all, but it has helped us explain their behaviour to other people.”

The couple have always kept their three children – Leo, Penelope and one-year-old Felicity – away from the spotlight, but have spoken about the twins’ autism to raise awareness of the condition and more understanding.

Twitter @MrsCMcGuinness
The ball will be held at the end of April (Credit: Twitter @MrsCMcGuinness)

Their Twinkle Ball will be held at Manchester’s Hilton Hotel on Saturday, April 28, to tie in with Autism Awareness Month.

Christine has also given her support to a new campaign this month from charity Autism Together.

Its Future 50 appeal, which aims to build a technologically advanced centre in the UK where biometric wristbands can be used to support people with complex autism.

The wristbands would gather information such as heart rate and skin temperature to signal an increase in anxiety and give carers more insight into factors that could influence meltdowns.

YouTube/Autism Together
Christine is supporting Autism Together’s Future 50 appeal (Credit: YouTube/Autism Together)

Christine said: “When you learn that autism is in your life, as I have recently, you realise that it is up to you to help shape the future for the people you love.”

The couple’s marriage hit the headlines back in February, with speculation that all wasn’t well.

As neither Paddy nor Christine said anything, it naturally led to dozens of unconfirmed headlines about what may or may not be happening in their relationship.

However, the couple put the gossip to bed when Paddy sent a sweet public message to Christine on International Women’s Day.

Good luck with the ball, guys!

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