Chloe Sims and Abz Love pretending to be a couple for new ITV show?

They're pulling the wool over our eyes

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When we first heard that Abz from Five and Chloe Sims were a couple, we just couldn’t believe it.

We reckoned it was just a silly rumour.

But then they say the camera never lies, and when the pair started posting oh-so-intimate pics of each other, we actually started to get our heads around it.

And how cute do they look? Very!

Just look at this one of Abz in a tree with Chloe looking up adoringly at him.

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Or what about this cheeky one where Chloe is giving Abz a good scrub in the bath?

Or this cute one, where Abz is teaching Chloe the ways of meditation?

And then there’s this lovely snap where the two of them are pretending to be Leo diCaprio and Kate Winslett on a swan.

All so sweet and romantic and so very unlikely that our hearts burst with joy that two very different people have found love.

But wait!

It looks like our initial response to their relationship was right.

According to reports Abz and Chloe are not actually going out!

So why all the pictures?

So none of this is as it seems (Credit: Instagram)

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It turns out they are in a “showmance” for a new ITV2 show.

The pair are among a series of showbiz couples whose aim is to fool the public that they are smitten.

For what end, we have no idea.

Other stars taking party in the wicked show are reality show veterans Jamie O’Hara, Lady Victoria Hervey, Kyle Christie and Hayley Hasselhoff.

Not much else is known about the show so it’ll be interesting to see what it’s all about when it hits our screens soon.