Chloe Madeley’s dress-code fail at Royal Wedding

Didn't she get the memo?

It’s not a wedding without a touch of scandal, whether the bride and groom are plebs or royalty. And causing scandal at Harry and Meghan’s wedding? Chloe Madeley’s shoulders and decolletage.

Chloe broke etiquette by baring her shoulders (Credit: WENN)

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The etiquette for weddings taking place in a church includes a strict dress code. For women it means ensuring their shoulders are covered, and that they are wearing a hat.

Chloe chose to flout this tradition, baring her shoulders, and a bit of cleavage, in a strappy, pink sundress.

The fitness model, who was attending the wedding with her rugby player fiancé, James Haskell, wore the dress with a matching fascinator, and a tasselled leather belt.

Chloe attended the wedding with rugby player fiancé James (Credit: Instagram)

While most weddings in this day and age don’t bother so much with strict adherence to etiquette, a royal wedding still has to play by at least some of the rules.

Chloe seemed unaware of the slip, but many on Twitter were not, with many viewers tweeting their shock at her attire.

Viewers took to twitter to comment on Chloe’s choice of dress (Credit: Twitter)

“Chloe Madeley takes top prize for the most tasteless and unsuitable outfit for a Church wedding. Not just awful. A bit rude,” one viewer tweeted.

Twitter seemed to know more about the dress code than Chloe (Credit: Twitter)

“Dress is specified on the invitation to the #RoyalWedding. Sleeveless is ok but arms should be covered in Church, modest décolletage, knee length or below. Who is this chick? 👎🏼,” said another.

Some went so far as to tag Chloe’s dad (Credit: Twitter)

Another royal wedding fan went as far as tagging in Chloe’s dad, Richard Madeley, saying: “Chloe Madeley was so inappropriately dressed today. What was she thinking? She let herself down and Harry and Meghan.”

But not everyone was ready to give sway to the traditional dress code for the royal wedding – with some fans tweeting that Chloe’s outfit was fine.

Some were willing to defend Chloe’s dress (Credit: Twitter)

“Not really sure what the fuss was about Chloe Madeley. a) I don’t think she is actually braless b) she’s flashing nothing – saw more of a cleavage among guests c) you see more revealing outfits at weddings all the time. Yes, ok, shoulders uncovered, but honestly? Why shame her?”

Some fans defended Chloe’s choice to show her shoulders (Credit: WENN)

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The wedding was attended by a bevy of celebrities both from Britain and the United States, including the newly minted Duchess of Sussex’s former Suits co-stars.

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