Chloe Madeley left fearing for her life after death threats

Richard and Judy's daughter has taken drastic measures to ensure her safety

Chloe Madeley has been left scared for her life after being sent death threats online.

Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan’s girl has now called in private investigators after one stalker’s behaviour got so bad it left her terrified.

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Chloe, who has appeared on Dancing on Ice, and now runs a personal training website with advice and tips for anyone wanting to improve their diet and fitness, is well known for posting selfies on her Instagram account of her killer body.

Her toned, lean physique is a definite hit with many of her fans, but some people have trolled her badly over her figure.

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Speaking to the Daily Star, Chloe explained:

“Loads of people get trolled online and it happens to me every time I post a picture. But it’s got pretty bad now and, yes, I have felt afraid for my own safety.”

She went on to confess one stalker has “taken things to another level”, and revealed her famous parents and the rest of her family have taken steps to put a stop to it once and for all.

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“His threats aren’t your standard death threats,” she said. “They are more graphic scenes of a horror movie-style torture. It is weekly and it’s absolutely sick.

“We’ve been to the police countless times but they can’t do anything, the laws against it pre-date Twitter. So it’s being dealt with privately with an investigator.

“As soon as you take things privately you have more options. I want this person prosecuted. There are some crazy people out there and it should stop.”

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Chloe is dating rugby hunk James Haskell and the pair live in the Midlands. She admitted to the publication their relationship hasn’t always been plain sailing, and that they’d worked hard to get to the happy place they’re in now.

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“In the beginning when we first started dating you’d hear a lot about athletes playing away and it did bother me.

“And because he’s famous he does get sent naked pictures on a near-daily basis – it was difficult for me to handle.”

She admits they both “put work first”, but are at a “point where as a couple we are really solid and I do trust him completely.”

Chloe has a book deal in the works and a fashion range launching this summer. So even in spite of the frightening threats and nasty trolls, it’s great to see she’s not letting them stop her.

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