It’s over! Cheryl’s divorce to be finalised and JB gets nothing!

A deal has been done and Cheryl's come out on top

The end is nigh for Cheryl’s marriage with Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

Their whirlwind romance in 2014 led them down the aisle but the ending will be finalised this week after the pair agreed divorce terms two months ago.

The decree nisi will be granted a the High Court in London on Thursday and it is believed that Jean Bernard will receive nothing from the the former X Factor judge.

With 33-year-old Cheryl believed to be pregnant with former One Direction star Liam Payne’s baby, this will be a weight off her mind.

Sources close to Cheryl told The Sun: “The decree nisi will be read out on Thursday.

“This has been the result of months of negotiations, but Cheryl and JB reached an agreement two months ago.

“And there has been no financial settlement.

“Lots of wild figures have been thrown about, but that is the truth, as the documents will show.

“JB is not going to be paid any money by Cheryl.

“She will not officially change her name straightaway because that takes time, and there are other things she needs to think about first.

“But she has not been using the name Fernandez-Versini since the divorce began in January.

“She has just gone by Cheryl for all work purposes.”

The source added: “After months of debate over this divorce, Cheryl is really relieved the terms have finally been agreed by both sides.

“The negotiations have been dragging on for ages, when all she has wanted to do is move on.

“She is in a great place at the moment, and is really happy with Liam, so she’s delighted that she can officially draw a line under her marriage to JB.

“This means she can now focus on the future.”

There is plenty on the horizon for Cheryl too, if the rumours that she is about to become a mother.

She is divorcing Jean Bernard on grounds of unreasonable behaviour and is apparently looking forward to her future with Liam.

The 1D star is also ecstatic that the divorce will be done and dusted by Christmas.

Another source told The Sun: “Liam was thrilled when he found out a few months ago that the divorce would be through by the end of this year.

“He and Cheryl can now start to plan their future together without this hanging over their heads.

“He has been talking to his friends about asking to marry her and hopes they can start a family fairly soon, which is something they both want.

“He has always been mature for his age, and he feels he is prepared for fatherhood.

“On the day he found out the divorce was close to being sorted, he changed his status on Twitter to read he was the ‘luckiest man in the world’.

“There has obviously been lots of speculation since that Cheryl is pregnant.

“And he has told those closest to him that if they were to have a baby, he would want all of the names on the birth certificate to read Payne.

“So they are all convinced a proposal will happen in the not-too-distant future.”

We wait with baited breath for the sound of wedding bells and baby gurgles.

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