Cheryl takes a massive step towards releasing new music

Looking for yet more number ones

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Former Girls Aloud star Cheryl’s had a bit of a quiet year. Apart from having a baby, becoming a catwalk model, releasing a make-up range, and appearing on The X Factor.

Okay, maybe she’s not had a quiet year at all!

One area that hasn’t had much attention of late though is her music career, which is still very much a going concern.

She made headlines a few weeks ago when she tweeted super producers Team Salut, thanking them for a session in the studio.

Cheryl’s been in the studio with Nicola Roberts (Credit: Instagram)

And she’s taken another giant step towards releasing new music, as eagle-eyed music fans have spotted she’s registered the title of a new track.

The song is called – imaginatively – “That’s My Song”. How do they come up with these things, eh?

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The track was written by Cheryl’s pal and former bandmate Nicola Roberts, with whom she was in the Team Salut studio.

Cheryl hasn’t released any new music since 2014’s Only Human, leaving fans of the superstar constantly searching for snippets of info about what she’s doing next.

According to the registry information, Cheryl is marked as the performer, and Nicola as one of the authors.

Musician Iain James also appears as a co-writer. Iain was in the band Triple 8, which also features Kimberley Walsh’s husband Justin Scott.

Finally, producer Fred Ball is registered as having worked on the track – meaning Cheryl’s collaboration with Team Salut is still in the pipeline.

Cheryl squeezed in some modelling earlier this year (Credit:

A source close to Cheryl told The Sun: “Cheryl is back in the studio and music is her main priority for 2018.”

And Nicola said of the pair’s writing sessions: “I’m writing for Cheryl and also for myself. Hopefully those songs are good enough to make it out into the world.”

Even if Cheryl never released another note of music, she’s still got plenty to be proud of.

She’s spent plenty of time at the top of the charts (Credit: Fameflynet)

As well as being part of the all-conquering Girls Aloud, she became the first British female solo artist to have five number one singles.

But when baby Bear was born in March, she took some time out of the spotlight to focus on him.

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However, as partner Liam also sets out to conquer the globe with his solo career, Cheryl seems set to give him a run for his money.

How long until the inevitable duet lands? Altogether now: “A whole new woooorld…”

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