Cheryl ‘scared’ vicious fight with ex caught on tape will be leaked

Sources claim the argument turned very nasty

They may well be shot of each other following last week’s super-speedy divorce, but more and more info is emerging about just how dark the relationship between Cheryl Cole and Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini actually was.

Over the weekend it was revealed that a 45-minute recording is doing the rounds in which the pair can be heard aggressively arguing.

During the recorded ruck, Cheryl can supposedly be heard ordering her second husband to vacate the house – which he refuses to do.

The angry exchange then culminates into a nasty spat in which the couple fire a barrage of vile insults at each other.

According to those all-important sources we all know and love, ever so private Cheryl is now living in fear that the recording will inevitably get out, because she desperately doesn’t want the public to hear what was really going on during her marriage.

According to some bod close to the singer, trouble in the marriage emerged around this time last year.

“Not long after they were pictured together at Ant and Dec’s 40th birthday party last October, Cheryl tried to kick JB out of their house — but he refused,” the handy source told a newspaper.

“Neither would back down and the fight turned very nasty. JB was furious he was being forced out, and Cheryl isn’t the kind of person to just sit there and go, ‘Oh, OK then’ when she is being screamed at.”

Meanwhile, it would appear that JBFV needs to re-tune his gaydar!

According to more tittle tattle from the weekend, it turns out that that Chezza’s hot-headed hubby actually grew jealous of her relationship with fellow X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw!

That’s openly gay Nick Grimshaw, to you and us!

According to the ever reliable Mr. A. Source, JB was livid that the pair got on so well and blew his top when he saw Nick put his hands on Cheryl’s bum in a jokey Instagram clip, in which the pair were fooling about on a hoverboard.

So angry was the Gallic geezer that he commented on social media, ‘her ass is mine’. Charming!

“It was clear to everyone that Nick and Cheryl could never be any more than good friends and they were just having a laugh,” the insightful know-all told the tabloid about the odd incident.

“But he read something into it that just wasn’t there.

“And while that post was written in a way that could have been seen as light-hearted, it was very clear to many of us how possessive he was over Cheryl.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl has found new love in the youthful arms of Liam Payne and we’re still tapping our fingers, as we anxiously wait to find out if she’s actually with child, as heavily suggested.

Or whether she’s just wearing baggy clothes because she’s had one too many stotty cakes.