Cheryl responds to claims that Liam Payne is an “absent father”

The 1D star is in LA finishing his debut solo album

Cheryl has spoken out about reports Liam Payne is currently in LA, leaving her at home with their baby.

The former Girls Aloud singer wants to make it known that she is fully supportive of her boyfriend as he works on his solo career, and that they are “constantly in touch”.

Liam, 23, is currently miles away from his loved ones as he records new material and works hard to be successful as an artist.

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Fans of Chezza have been angry at Liam for being away from her and their son.

One user took to Instagram and said: “This is an utter disgrace… While he enjoys himself with his mates, his poor girlfriend is stuck at some looking after his child. I feel so bad for Cheryl.”

Another commented: “[It’s so sad] when I see Liam preparing to put out new music and Cheryl is just at home taking care of their little one.”

But now, a representative for the Fight For This Love singer has released a statement.

“Cheryl has always been supportive of Liam’s career and understands he has to be away for work”, they said.

“It’s not a problem Liam being in LA – they are constantly in touch. She wants his solo career to be a huge success.”

It has also been reported that the couple are in constant contact, and that they FaceTime three times a day while he’s away.

A source told The Mirror: “Cheryl knows Liam’s solo career means the world to him.

“They FaceTime a minimum of three times a day, talk on the phone, WhatsApp or e-mail all the time.”

There is also no doubt that Cheryl is getting the help that she needs while looking after her five-week-old son.

Her mother, Joan, who she is very close to, was said to be moving in to her and Liam’s Surrey mansion to help out.

There were also talks of Liam’s mum, Karen, moving in too!

A source told Closer magazine in February: “Joan and Karen are keen to lend a helping hand in the important but stressful weeks after the baby arrives.

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“Also, Karen is a nursery nurse so she has a lot of hands-on experience with babies.

“Both mothers are excited but have put a time limit on their stay as they know it’s important for Cheryl and Liam to have their space – and quality time as a new family”.