Cheryl pregnancy ‘confirmed’ in tweet but fans aren’t happy

Fans enraged by devious so-and-so pretending to be Cheryl

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It doesn’t take much these days for people to get their knickers in a twist and head to social media to moan about it.

This time, Cheryl fans were up in arms when it appeared that the Girls Aloud star’s much-talked about pregnancy had been confirmed via a tweet from the singer herself.

In the tweet, Cheryl was thought to have said: “So excited for what 2017 has in store, I’m ready!” alongside emojis of a baby, a bottle and two people kissing.

Exciting news, no?

Well, no, actually.

You see, on closer inspection, the tweet hadn’t actually come from Cheryl’s official Twiiter feed at all, but from a fake account instead.

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Fans were, unsurprisginly, up in arms, with one put out devotee raging: “This is disgusting.”

Another pleaded: “Let Cheryl tell us when she is ready.”

Many fans called for the culprits to be “reported and blocked”.

Meanwhile in the real world of Cheryl and her babydaddy Liam Payne shared a fun festive selfie together on Christmas Day.

And just last night, Snapchat fan Cheryl posted a supercute New year post on Instagram.

Even though she is still hasn’t officially confirmed her pregnancy, Cheryl is expected to give birth in the few weeks.

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