Cheryl has an extra special message for her fans this Christmas…

Singer hit up social media on Christmas Eve

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Former Girls Aloud singer Cheryl has thanked fans for their support amid rumours she is expecting a child with pop star boyfriend Liam Payne.

The handwritten note was posted to a fan page on Twitter.

The songstress, who dropped her previous surnames of Tweedy, Cole and Fernandez-Versini to be known simply as Cheryl, said: “I just wanted to say a big thank you for another year of your love and support.

“You really are the best!

“Merry Christmas and happy new year. Love you!”

Cheryl and Liam Payne

Last week Liam gave his fans a sneak peek of his house during a Twitter Q&A on a chilly Saturday afternoon, and it looks beautiful, warm and cosy.

The One Direction star was having a chilled-out day and told his fans on the social networking site to #AskLiam, and – as you’d expect – they asked in their droves.

One of the questions was simply “what are you doing now?”.

The 23-year-old singer replied that he was “watching TV” and shared a picture of his rather sizeable monochrome-coloured lounge, expertly decorated and complete with a few Christmas touches.

There’s a Santa Claus in the corner and a large garland of festive foliage over the mantelpiece in a totally grown-up way, as well as some Nutcracker-inspired toy soldier candles either side of the fireplace.

Another fan asked him if the Santa creeps him out, to which he replied: “A little, he’s kind of looking up in the sky like he’s lost.”

Liam answered a range of other questions while reclining on his sofa.

People wanted to know his blood type, if he prefers Captain America or Iron Man (neither, apparently) and what his plan is for Christmas.

Another fan asked Liam who his woman crush is. Liam’s response? “We all know the answer to that.”

One asked him if he has yet watched the trailer for his 1D bandmate Harry Styles’s debut film, Dunkirk.

He gushed: “Yes it looks sooooo goood.”

Other things we learned from Liam’s chat: His favourite artist is Drake, when asked to define a word he knows how to use the internet, and he is currently the happiest he could be.

Aww. It certainly looks like Cheryl is feeling EXACTLY the same.

In fact, last month the former X Factor judge Cheryl says she is happier than she has ever been, and adds: “Now is a very good time in my life.”

The former Girls Aloud member has plenty to to be happy about – as well as being in love and pregnant, she has just given birth to yet another fragrance, with the latest one titled StormFlower Platinum.

Cheryl in 2010 performing as a solo artist

It seems her advancing years have played a part in her inner joy.

She told Fabulous magazine: “The good thing about being in your 30s is that you know yourself better.

“I learned to be less apologetic and not to give a s**t about what people say.

“I think you just focus on what is right for you and you learn to trust your own instincts and follow them.”

And she’s loved being able to lounge around and get cosy over the holidays.

She revealed: “People always think of me as being dressed up all the time, but that so isn’t me.

“I love spending time on long walks outdoors and just being surrounded by nature, miles away from everything.”

Miles away from everything but her lover, of course.

The cute pair shared this intimate snap with the world to celebrate their first Christmas together – and their last without a tot to entertain.

Could they be any more adorable?

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