Cheryl finally confirms she’s pregnant as she reveals her bump

Don't expect a series of gushing interviews before the birth, though...

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Is it just us or are you bored to death wondering whether or not Cheryl Cole / Tweedy / Fernandez-Versini is preggers.

Yes we are. And yet, the Girls Aloud songstress seems to be loving the attention.

Even in spite of a growing belly – either filled with bouncing baby boy or girl or a bucket load of pizzas – she has up to now refused to confirm whether she is in the family way! Spoil sport.

But now on the very day her spokesperson has irritatingly said Cheryl will not be commenting on pregnancy rumours, an appearance at a high profile Christmas event in London has merely escalated the speculation.

And we bet Cheryl is loving it.

Sadly fans are not who have branded online as “attention seeking”, questioning why she is fuelling the press frenzy with teasing glimpses of her belly whilst not confirming a thing.

Arriving at the event with Liam, Cheryl waddled through awaiting paps with her heavy winter coat open at the front revealing a massive swell beneath her green figure hugging dress.

Three things here irritate us.

One, if Chez is so desperate to hide her good news, why the hell did she attend such a public event in the first place?

Two, why not button up that coat if you don’t want people to yap on about it?

Three, if you don’t want to be continually hassled by people asking you the same old question time and time again, why not just come clean and say what’s going on.

The answer to all these questions is – Cheryl is LOVING the attention.

After all, why else make such a big deal about something that is so natural and that most people would sing form the rooftops?

Last night’s appearance was finally the giveaway moment, but there have been pregnancy clues along the way. A while back, Cheryl’s mum Joan was spotted buying baby clothes in a shop.

Best mate Kimberley Walsh hinted that she was going to be a “great mum” and at a perfume launch Cheryl hid behind a counter to hide her ever-expanding tummy.

ANYWAY, she may be insisting on keeping er, mum, in front of public – and her fans (ttssssk) – but the singer has finally confirmed that she is with child to her friends and family.

An insider told The Sun: “Cheryl has told close friends and family the very exciting news that she is expecting her first child.

“She is absolutely ecstatic. It’s something she has been trying for for years.

“She doesn’t want to speak publicly about it for a number of reasons, particularly due to some of the battles she has gone through in her personal life in recent years.

“The fact is she has wanted a child desperately for so long and at one point it looked like it would never come.”

Well, Congrats anyway, pet!

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