Cheryl and Liam’s dream Christmas hit by rumours about his workload

There's no place like home

We’ve all been counting down the days to Christmas since, well, last Christmas finished.

But December has seen the excitement reach new levels, and it’s only around the corner now.

Cheryl and Liam are set to spend Christmas together this year, along with nine-month-old baby Bear, which sounds like a pretty dreamy scenario.

Wouldn’t you want to spend Christmas with these two? (Credit: Instagram)

But rumour has it, things aren’t quite as peachy in the Chiam household as one would hope.

A source close to the pair told Celebs Now that Liam’s busy schedule has him operating slightly out-of-sync with his partner Cheryl.

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The insider said: “Cheryl loves Liam, there’s no denying that, but she’s starting to feel as though she’s the one doing all of the work with Bear.”

“Staying at home while Liam flies here, there and everywhere is making her feel isolated.”

Cheryl’s been keeping a fairly low-profile with work this year after giving birth to Bear in March.

Cheryl and Nicola may have been recording together (Credit: Instagram)

She made a high-profile cameo on this series of The X Factor, appearing as a guest at Simon’s house.

And she’s also been behind a lipstick range and popped up as a catwalk model over the summer – as well as teasing she’d been back in the recording studio with pal Nicola Roberts.

But Liam’s been busy as a bee flying around the world promoting his new solo career, and it’s apparently the source of some tension between the couple.

It will be Bear’s first Christmas (Credit: Instagram)

While he’s been jetsetting, Cheryl has been doing all of the Christmas preparation at their massive home, with the help of her mum, Joan.

Now’s source continued: “Liam’s coming back a week before Christmas, but let’s face it, he’ll be jet-lagged and exhausted.”

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“They’ve been in touch about Bear’s presents, and he’s been getting some top jewellery for Cheryl, but basically she’s the one doing everything and, as a result, feels as though she deserves a very specific piece of bling under the tree this year: an engagement ring.”

If there’s one thing almost guaranteed to placate an angry other half, Liam, a massive diamond’s usually not a bad shout!